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The Z-Cab Air has been developed for the latest generation of Ziegler Z-Class airfield fire engines.


Z-Cab Air

The maximum transparency of the Z-Cab Air ensures an exceptional all-round view and thus guarantees a safe approach to the scene of the fire and optimal visibility when fighting a fire.

The wide and safe entry, as well as the standing height of 1.80m, allow optimal access and ideal working conditions for up to 6 people, even with safety clothing.

GIA21_HO_WINNER_self made.png

These essential occupational safety functions are the basis and challenge for our design: The "transparent" cabin is framed by a simple but distinctive frame:

"Form follows function and ergonomics"

Clearly defined lighting elements underline the formal independence of this unique cabin and enable the most diverse fire departments in the world to have a high degree of graphic customization without losing the recognition value of the Z-Cab Air.


Provided component interfaces enable the variable use of front turrets, but leave the quality of the overall design unaffected.

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