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In the competition for DB's new ECx long-distance passenger coaches, we were able to work with Talgo to design a vehicle that exceeded DB's requirements.



For the first time in this segment, the Talgo design principle with portal bogies enables a continuous vehicle floor of 760 mm and thus barrier-free boarding and alighting at the corresponding platforms.


Not only does this have comfort and safety benefits for all passengers including PRM, families with prams or travelers with luggage, but it is also a win for the operator thanks to shorter stop times in the station.


This concept, which has now been commissioned by DB, is now being implemented on a large scale. This results in special compartments and areas for families with small children and wheelchair users, adapted to individual passenger needs. New multi-purpose areas allow bicycles to be taken along, create quiet areas or a spacious bistro or restaurant with different lounge areas.


A new LED light architecture with only indirect lighting via the ceiling and the integrated luggage racks ensures a balanced, pleasant atmosphere in all interior areas both during the day and at night.


Combined with a new DB color and material concept, a vehicle generation is currently being created that will bring a breath of fresh air to long-distance rail transport and significantly increase the attractiveness of long-distance travel.

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