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The transport association NAH.SH coordinates the public transport in Schleswig-Holstein and is present throughout the state as a strong public brand.



Tricon is responsible for the design of the areas of rail vehicles, buses and infrastructure within the brand image - continuously since the brand relaunch in 2014, in the rail area since 2010.


Consistent brand design

As the first German regional authority, NAH.SH recognized that the vehicles should ideally also be a central component of the brand design. Parallel to the communication CD and in close cooperation, Tricon developed a coherent overall system of exterior coloring and CD graphics as well as a color and trim concept for the interior in connection with conceptual and functional standards. On the outside and inside, the product graphics, including the passenger information, also form an extensive design subsystem.

Design on and off the track

A particular challenge is the systemic design approach, which must take into account the universal applicability of the design modules for a wide variety of vehicle types. In addition to the focus on rail vehicles, the buses in the NAH.SH design also emerged as separate design areas - here above all the exterior design - as well as the infrastructure with a wide variety of equipment components at the stops and in their vicinity.


Continuous evolution

The corporate product design of NAH.SH is continuously expanded and developed by Tricon and is now documented in a series of manuals. After the first precursors, from the end of 2022 new double-decker multiple units will also be on the move in the "Netz Ost", as will the new battery trains on the previous diesel-powered routes - all integrated into the CD through intensive Tricon support.


Corporate product design for mobility brands

Mobility brands are complex design systems in public space:

When used, a large number of building blocks should convey a coherent, coordinated appearance as far as possible - starting with the electronic information and booking, through the route guidance, to actually being on the move.

The travel process is the core of the mobility brand - the design of vehicle exteriors and interiors as well as of train stations and stops forms a central crystallization point for the brand design. The big challenge: Vehicles and countless components in the manufacturer's design, heterogeneous architecture, information media and other elements should work together visually as a consistent overall system. Operator brands, different standards and the interests of various municipal partners are also taken into account.

Tricon designs in this area with many years of expertise systemically, strategically and with strong implementation, in cooperation with a large number of project partners. We include what is already there, rethink it, keep an eye on future developments and document the corporate design specifications in a clear and structured way.

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