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New TSI-compliant double-deck multiple units for WESTbahn

Since July 2021, the new double-decker trains of the Austrian WESTbahn have been operating in five countries. Tailored to the needs of its customers and matching the weight-reducing special construction by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., Tricon developed the entire vehicle design.


Tailored design for innovative

In terms of color and lighting, the exterior, interior and cockpit reflect the lightness of the aluminum body, which CRRC successfully combined with composite materials (including CFRP and GRP elements): The new double-decker weighs only around ten percent more than a single-decker vehicle.


Feel good quickly guaranteed.

Traveling at up to 200 km/h in Austria, Germany and Hungary, among other places, the new WESTbahn double-decker trains also stand out due to their single-leaf doors, 1,400 mm wide at each end, which enable quick boarding and alighting. In addition, each six-car train offers space for almost 600 passengers. The interior fittings, which are geared towards individual needs and are bright and modern, contribute to their well-being: in addition to snack machines and coffee machines and a bar area, there are wheelchair and bicycle parking spaces and smart Wi-Fi networks on board.

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