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RRX  Desiro HC

In a new type of train concept, Siemens Transportation combines the large amount of space offered by double-deck middle cars with the technical advantages of single-deck end cars.

The result with the product name Desiro HC (High Capacity) is being used in a first large series for the RRX network, which is also newly created in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area.


Tricon was responsible for the complete exterior and interior design of the vehicle platform, as well as the application for the RRX tender and subsequently also the specific implementation work for the RRX fleet.


Characteristic exterior

The exterior design of the Desiro HC further develops the clear, typical design language of the Desiro product family. The head design of the end car is also directly related to the high, space-efficient cross-sectional contour of the middle car.


The implementation of the RRX branding specified by the transport association makes the trains a central brand ambassador with a high recognition value.


Uniform interior effect through consistently simple design language


A deliberately reduced design line was chosen for the one- and two-storey interior areas, including different entry zones, the elements of which can be used in different overall contexts and thus create a noticeable uniformity in the overall interior.


At the same time, the clear design language can also provide visual calming in complex room structures, especially around the two-tier low-floor entrances.


The interiors are also characterized by a consistent implementation of the RRX branding elements, enhanced by coordinated silver nuances and wooden surfaces.

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