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For the tender for new S-Bahn trains, RBS and Tricon designed a four-car articulated train that is perfectly tailored to local requirements.

The even distribution of the doors and the design of the low-floor entrances improve the flow of passengers when boarding and alighting and reduce waiting times.


Every door – every offer!

During development, we set ourselves the challenge of designing the low-floor entrances: every door, every offer – for everyone.


And we were the first to succeed: in the new S7, all passengers, regardless of their mobility impairments, luggage or prams, will find identical seating and standing room and multi-purpose areas at all entrance doors.


Also revolutionary are the backlit handrails in the entrance portals, which take up the company color with orange light and set innovative accents in the otherwise largely monochrome interior.


When stopping, they indicate the release of the doors (green) and the closing process (red), thus significantly increasing passenger safety.

Niederflurbereich mit Einstiegen.JPG
Anker 1

Other new design developments can be found with regard to the newly developed folding seat, which maximizes passenger comfort and, for the first time, enables integrated furniture: the specially created division of the backrest also makes cleaning in the window areas easier.

The specially developed fabric design together with the dark carpet results in visual stability in the otherwise very bright, transparent and spacious interior with large windows that complete the driving and travel experience.


The exterior design refers to classic design themes such as simplicity and functionality and impresses with its attention to detail and stringency. The oval as a basic shape is dominant at the vehicle head, but is also continued in the interior and thus forms an aesthetic formal framework.

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