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Our product design is more than just aesthetics - the externally visible is just one perspective in our holistic design process.

We focus on usage requirements and product and context-specific conditions and combine them with the results of our target market analysis.


We are convinced: successful design solutions are needs-oriented and inclusive, innovative and a sustainable benefit for all parties involved in the product.   


beactive + e

E-drive rollator

On the way to barrier-free mobility, we are making a big leap in the right direction with the beactive+e e-rollator: With its forward-looking electric drive, beactive+e is setting new standards for people with restricted mobility. Where conventional rollators have to be pushed with difficulty, beactive+e also makes it possible to transport heavier purchases or luggage.

With beactive+e, people don't follow the rollator - it's the other way around: several speed levels and an individual configuration enable adaptation to all needs. The innovative handle with two fully-fledged gripping positions is characterized by the fact that the brake can be operated including, can be adjusted in height at the push of a button and prevents fatigue. Our timelessly aesthetic design makes the technical revolution beactive+e intuitive to use and an attractive companion - even when things are going uphill.

Focus Open_Logo_Gold.jpg

Customer: Bemotec GmbH


mFAP Continental

Flexible workplace design in the bus cockpit

Our mFAP Continental is a modular concept for designing the driver's workplace for city and intercity buses. The aim of our multi-perspective design process was to achieve maximum flexibility and customization of the workplace in buses - with innovative, creative design, based on the latest technology and context-related scientific findings.


The modern driver's workplace can be adapted to different areas of application and at the same time meets all the requirements for workplace ergonomics, safety and usability according to VDV and EBSF standards. The latest generation of the newly equipped buses has a modern interior design, into which the modular, restrained driver's workplace fits perfectly. The separation of the individual elements also offers flexible individual design options.


Customer: Continental



MoodClassic is an innovative, portable system for individual scenting that is primarily designed for vehicles. Matched to the size of cup holders, it can be flexibly taken in any vehicle. Inspired by a classic vase, the iconic design of the MoodClassic uses a puristic, unique design language that blends in with the vehicle interior in a reserved and unobtrusive manner.


Another special feature of the concept is the use of active fragrances based on natural, essential oils in the form of leak-proof MoodDisk cartridges. By gently pressing on the lid, they can be quickly and easily extended and changed, so that the fragrance experience can be individually adjusted. The intensity can be regulated intuitively using the on/off button.

Customer: Iquento


Machining center BMG

The BMG machining center, which received the if product design award 2010, offers a variety of different process technologies. In addition to sawing, milling, drilling and thread cutting, it has 5-axis technology and thus also interpolating 3D processing. The innovative construction made of solid, vibration-absorbing SORB TECH composite material reduces primary energy by 60%, increases machining quality and extends tool life by up to 20%.


Our design not only forms the appropriate design framework for the innovative product technology, but also offers the operator optimal insight and occupational safety. For example, barrier-free access to the processing units is made possible by large safety flaps.

Customer: Homag Group AG


Pino, our unique plastic bucket seat, was developed back in 1998 with the proviso that it should come ready-made from the mold and be ready for delivery without major reworking. The continued success of the seat shows that our design ideally benefits the basic technical requirements and that Tricon has also struck a chord with the design.

We have statically supported the injection molding process with gas injection for the channels that provide stability and a special glass fiber reinforced plastic mixture with the strongly arched shape of the shell and a wave shape in the lordosis area. Even without upholstery, Pino is characterized by its low weight, extremely high seating comfort and its reserved, future-oriented design.

Customer: Vogel Seats

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