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Health is the greatest good.

Highest demands in design.

Your medical device and its requirements are our roadmap:

Regulatory requirements and intuitive, safe, precise and user-friendly handling form the framework of the product-specific design process.


At the end there is a product that conveys security and trust, shows great appreciation to both patients and users - and is therefore appropriate to our highest good.


BRIM G4 EMTensor

Form, function, ergonomics

EMTensor's BRIM G4 diagnostic unit is a brain scanner whose imaging method is based on electromagnetic tomography.

Monitoring the brain requires absolute precision and clarity. This is also reflected in the design. The mobile "tube" is supported by a simple column: "Form follows function and ergonomics" 

Customer: EMTensor GmbH


VIO 3: plug and operate

VIO3 is a surgical system in which we have designed a revolutionary "plug and operate" interface in addition to the facelift.  


The interface controls the system via a touchscreen. The main screen shows a two-part sphere that visualizes the main functions of electrosurgery - cutting and coagulation. Both can be used in combination with various other instruments that are arranged planetarily around the central sphere. Different activation options such as finger or foot switches can be assigned to the instruments via drag and drop.


This simple, intuitive operation, including various preset modes, not only convinced the users, but also the jury of the German Design Award: We are Winner 2018!


Customer: Erbe GmbH



Award winning Medical Design

The mobile, innovative CARL resuscitation system, with its perfusion system and comprehensive measurement sensors, places complex medical and ergonomic demands on the design. CARL must also be able to be put into operation quickly and easily.

Our compact, clear design meets the demanding functional requirements and is at the same time highly versed in terms of design. This is also confirmed and honored by the German Design Award 2022!


Customer: ResuSciTec GmbH

ASSKEA proVisio®M28

The proVisio®M28 is a medical device for secretion suction that has a new drive concept and an innovative, modular structure. The revolutionary canister construction is integrated into the housing - a huge step forward compared to conventional, external hose routing.

The technical innovation is reflected in the clear design language. The basic shape of the "U" enables the visual separation of the "protective" exterior and the "receptive" interior. Large areas with soft transitions and radii ensure a calm appearance and at the same time enable easy wipe disinfection.

As a mobile device, value was placed on a design that takes into account the patient's home environment and inspires trust. Thanks to the clear, formal arrangement of the usage components, the device is intuitive to use and can even be operated with one hand. It can be easily carried thanks to a lightweight, foldable handle.

Customer: Asskea GmbH


ZED family

Design connectedness

ZED family is a range of leak detectors from the company Zeltwanger.

Tricon has not only created an unmistakable, uniform appearance here, which at the same time leaves room for individual product specifics. The structural design has also been standardized using an intelligent common parts concept.


Customer: Zeltwanger


Tradition in a new style

EVE is a mobile ventilation system that can be switched on quickly with the push of a button and operated intuitively during rescue operations.

In everyday clinical practice, EVE can also be used for in-hospital transport and for inpatient treatment.

The design of the compact device was inspired by the traditional resuscitation bag (Ambu bag).

Customer: Fritz Stephan GmbH

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