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Luxon-Konferenz ©Henk ZwoferinkEdit.jpg


A panorama carriage of the legendary TEE-Rheingold trains is being turned into a luxury event location on rails - this idea from the Munich company RailAdventure presented us with unusual challenges and at the same time created inspiring spaces of opportunity:

Individual pieces instead of series production, manufacture instead of CAD detailing, the highest level of comfort instead of maximum cost pressure - a fascinating railway project in many respects.

©Hilke Opelt_Luxon02.jpg

Thanks to many years of experience in conversion projects and a pronounced "hands-on mentality", Tricon was able to make a decisive contribution to the development of the concept, the elaboration of its countless individual aspects and the successful implementation in all project phases.

Glass dome as a highlight

A flexible usage concept was implemented in the historic outer shell, which allows a variety of scenarios, especially under the spectacular glass dome - classic as a restaurant as well as a conference room, as a first-class lounge area or with candlelight equipment. Both the extremely high-quality furniture and the adaptive LED lighting concept are designed to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

©Hilke Opelt_Luxon13.jpg
©Uwe Miethe_Luxon03.JPG

Exceptional in all areas of the room

Luxon-Bar2 ©Henk Zwoferink.jpg

The atmosphere of the dome is also the inspiration for the bright, fanned out and partly mirrored light ceiling in the two adjacent car segments:


On the one hand there is the bar area with a counter that is illuminated from the inside, including a reception and cloakroom function, on the other hand the “lounge” with fine upholstered furniture and decorative room dividers, which can optionally also be used as a presentation area.

Luxon-WC ©Henk Zwoferink.jpg
©Hilke Opelt_Luxon12.jpg


© Hilke Opelt

©Henk Zwoferink

©Uwe Miethe

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