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CRH 450 - Longsword 

With the new generation of 450-km/h bullet trains, Tricon won the CRRC Changchun design competition in 2013.

The aerodynamically highly efficient front part reflects our claim: make flying close to the ground possible.


The design of the streamlined head, the creative combination of speed and power, and the color concept on the exterior reflect the futuristic and technological character of the new CRH 450 as an ultra-high-speed train.

220310_HGV 400_01.jpg

Skylounge - Cicadas Wings


In 2016, Tricon was commissioned by CRRC Tangshan to design the overall concept for the interior of a 500 km/h high-speed train.

Elements of Chinese culture combine with futuristic tech innovation in our newly designed business class interior.

The interior is transparent, structured and designed with high quality: Tricon has introduced the Chinese cultural element of "Cicadas Wings" to create a technologically futuristic "transparent" driver's cabin.

The subsequent, comfortable "Sky Business Class" in lounge style offers passengers an incomparable visual experience and a special kind of traveling experience.

220310_HGV 400_02.jpg
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