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Tricon designed the double award winning exterior, interior and cockpit for CRRC Zhuzhou from 2012 to 2013.

Also known as the "Malaysian Bullet Train" or "Pocket Rocket," the train features a streamlined head that has significantly better aerodynamic efficiency compared to previous KTM rail classes.

Modernity meets local culture

The exterior is inspired by the slim form of the barracuda from the Malaysian deep sea and appears smooth and sporty. By combining the shape and color concept - yellow, blue, red and white of the Malaysian flag - we create a modern appearance that reflects the local culture.

The China Red Star Design Award Gold and the China Good Design Award Gold underline that we have achieved a perfect balance between locally anchored design and future-oriented design.

Contemporarz Good Design.jpg
Red Star Design Award.jpeg

Highest speed on meter gauge

KTM Class 93 is an electric multiple unit used by KTM for its Intercity Electric Train Service (ETS) on the West Coast Line and designed for high speed meter gauge operation.



This also applies to the design of the interior, where Malaysian cultural elements were taken into account:

The design of the luggage rack columns and lighting elements in the passenger compartment is reminiscent of the dome design in traditional Islamic architecture.

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