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Tricon developed the exterior, interior and cockpit design for the China Railway CJ6 InterCity EMUs, which can reach a speed of 200 km/h.


The exterior

The focus is on the innovative front section, which boasts excellent aerodynamic performance. In terms of design, this manifests itself in the form of sharp, strong structural lines that perfectly reflect the "crystal cut" design philosophy proposed by TRICON. Angularly designed side lights and driver's window together with the dark gray paint finish on the front are reminiscent of a speeding arc ready to go or a bull - our exterior reflects the perfect combination of speed and power, in the spirit of "form follows function".

150122_interior_welle_durchgang detail_filtered.jpg

The interior

The interior has been designed so that the space is spacious, bright and comfortable, the sectional design is inspired by the water pavilion common in Hunan, which is rich in tradition and culture. With its high design standards, the CJ6 InterCity EMU clearly stands out. We are therefore all the more pleased about the Red Star Design Award Gold and the Innovation Design Competition Gold Award.

Red Star Design Award.jpeg
2019 Innovation design of advanced equipment gold.jpg
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